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Females In Flag NFL FLAG Football

Females In Flag NFL FLAG Football

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Take your game home with the official Franklin footballs of NFL FLAG. Our footballs are designed for passing, catching, and running drills in your own backyard or local park.

Our Females In Flag Footballs come in two sizes , Pee Wee and Junior and both come standard in white.   

Our Females In Flag Junior size ball in white with purple trim is the regulation-size for developing skills and confidence.  At 10.5” long, it’s the perfect scale for ages 9 and up while learning the fundamentals of throwing tight spirals and precise routes.

The Pee Wee Franklin FIF Football in white with teal trim is sized for ages 6-9, measuring 9.75” long. Its slightly smaller profile makes it easier to grip and throw for younger players.

Both footballs feature quality construction to withstand neighborhood games. Take your practice home and get ready for the next big game with an official Females In Flag NFL FLAG football. Flag belts sold separately.

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